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Who is Kevin Giffin?

If you are at the point of asking this question, you probably have more than a passing curiosity. Like most of this website, the following descriptions and bio will be different. Not for difference’s sake. Rather different in the sense of trying to make a difference.

For over 30 years I’ve offered my clients and those seeking advice and guidance, the best that I can give them in pursuit of their best interest. Their success is my success.

Integrity is central to all that I do. In the financial services industry where selling product and acquiring new assets is paramount, I’ve chosen an unaligned, independent path. This independence has afforded me the ability to seek best in class solutions for my individual and corporate clients. Throughout my career I’ve been a fierce advocate for my clients’ financial wellbeing.

Demonstrably showing that a product, service, or strategy, is in your best interest, is foundational to the role of good advice. Doing so requires transparency. Being open to sharing what my own self-interest is in offering any product or service, and willing to discuss my self-interest in the spirit of full disclosure.

Chronologically, I bring 8 years of Human Resource, and over 30 years of Financial Services experience with multiple designations. Within these 30 years, I’ve taught other advisors in a professional capacity for 5 years. I’ve been invited to participate on numerous product design advisory committees for life insurance and investment products.

Married to Sarah for 25 years who is also an accomplished Financial Services Executive and father to 2 daughters, whom we adore. I’ve been a lifelong athlete; enjoying playing golf and hockey, cycling and Pilates for fitness. Aesthetically, I enjoy gardening, fine art, a good meal, and a nice bottle of wine.

I’ll look forward to speaking with you. 

Thank you, Kevin


Kevin Giffin Financial Advisor Toronto

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

Albert Einstein

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