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You have assembled a group of people organized for a joint purpose. This could be a shared experience such as through attendance at an Educational Institution or perhaps a Professional Group. As a feature of your Association, you want to offer Group Benefits.


Unlike most association benefit plans, which require member companies to guarantee a level of commitment to the insurance company at the start, we have developed a comprehensive association benefits package that requires no minimum participation to initiate.

Association plans that are flexible, sustainable, and customized for the industry and members being covered. The administration is handled by BBD (Benefits By Design, a wholly owned subsidiary of People Corporation) saving member groups time, and letting you focus on what you do best.

We Can Give You:

Customizable Plans   |   Cost Containment    |    Executive Services    |    Direct Order Pharmacies    |    One Employee Plans    |    Best in Class Service Team

On-Line Administration:

Benefits Administration     |    Seamless Integration    |    One Booklet, One Invoice

We can enhance your member experience in ways that help you create association affinity and cohesion.

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