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Life Insurance is frequently misunderstood as a source of both financial and tax benefits. 

At it’s core Life Insurance repurposes taxable and conservative financial assets into tax sheltered and ultimately tax free assets.

Did you know Life Insurance can:

  • Reduce risk and increase income from our savings?

  • Be a vehicle for Crystalizing Capital Gains?

  • Be a source of tax-free income?

  • Be a way to preserve assets that might otherwise have to be sold, frequently at a loss?

  • Create an asset that balances out family needs?

  • Be a means to ensure loved ones can financially carry on without us?

The Power of the Pen.

At the stroke of a signature, you instantaneously create an on-demand pool of money. It is the only asset that can multiply money instantaneously.   

Insurance Companies are some of the most highly regulated and safest holders of wealth anywhere in the world. They are also sophisticated managers of money and can have globally diverse portfolios of assets. (Example: Overview of a Participating Account) Once an Insurance Company declares a dividend and deposits this money into your insurance account, it does not fluctuate in value, cannot be lost, and is added to the tax-free pool of money paid at death. This accumulating pool of money can be used as collateral for a loan. 

The combination of safety, flexibility, and tax-sheltered growth, reveals a world of financial planning possibilities!

Enhanced Retirement Income            Increase Retirement Income and Reduce Risk  

Protection of Loved Ones                     Estate Planning and Asset Preservation




“I have had my investments with Kevin for over 30 years. Over this time, and my time of need, Kevin has continued to go “above and beyond” to help provide me with the best financial advice and expertise.” 

- Judith A.L (Investment and Insurance Client)

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