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 Total Rewards

In this age of scarce and hard to find qualified employees a Total Rewards program may just be your key tool in finding and retaining these employees.

This is, in simple terms, the integration of your entire compensation, benefits, and savings programs. We help you derive tangible and positive feedback from your internal customers by assisting you in crafting a Total Rewards Program which maximizes the goodwill and value that you should realize from your compensation program.

We not only help you integrate your compensation programs into a powerful tool for you and your employees but do so in a way that ultimately saves you and your employees money.

Total Rewards is a recognition of your internal customer base. We all recognize that we have external customers that buy our goods and services. However, the effectiveness of satisfying our external customers’ needs is so dependent upon our internal customers’ ability and motivation to do their job. Total rewards acknowledges the vital role of these internal customers’, otherwise known as your employees, play in our collective well being.

Utilizing an organization of 1500 professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your maximum benefit from your compensation programs, we employ our expertise and buying power to empower you to offer a level of service that will contribute to your organization’s success and profitability. Properly crafted, your Total Rewards Program can reduce your expenses, save you and your employees money and broaden the range and scope of your compensation program.


Because you care about your customers, both external and internal and more importantly your employees are your greatest asset. And it just might be your key to attracting and retaining hard to find dedicated employees.

Internal Customers

Internal Customers: You also have internal customers. People inside your company who provide goods or services to others inside your company. The wheel grinds to a halt if these pieces don’t work effectively. Your business’s well-being is directly tied to how effectively they work together. Your internal customers are your employees. Like your external customers, you’ve probably devised a variety of strategies designed to maximize the value you derive from the efforts of each of your employees. Let’s talk about one of the tangible ways you show your appreciation for your employees. 

Benefits are one of your positive reinforcements to these valued internal relationships. You spend a considerable amount of money for benefits. Shouldn’t you derive recognition and acknowledgement for what you provide your internal customers? Are you maximizing the value you derive from the money you spend? 

External Customers

External Customers:  As successful businesspeople, you’ve established positive and rewarding relationships with your customers. You’ve probably devised a variety of strategies to ensure your customer’s continued satisfaction with the goods and/or services that you provide. Your entire business is focused upon maintaining these positive relationships. Frankly your personal well-being is dependent upon your customers’ happiness. 

“Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage”

– Anne Mulcahy

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