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All tax strategies at the core of their purpose are the reduction, elimination or deferment of taxes owed. However, more importantly, tax strategies are about giving you more of your money to use for your well being and enjoyment. 

Tax Lawyers, Chartered Public Accountants, Financial Planners, Insurance Advisors, Investment Advisors, and others can be a source of legitimate tax strategies that can reduce or eliminate a tax burden. While Tax Lawyers and Chartered Public Accountants are the most highly skilled and trained in the use of tax strategies, all the above Financial Professionals bring specialized knowledge and broad perspectives which can help you craft the best strategies for your immediate and/or long-term needs. 

What will unfold in the following pages are Tax Strategies designed to introduce you to concepts, products and structures which may be appropriate for you and beneficial to your financial well being. This does not constitute “advice”. In absolutely every instance the input of qualified tax professionals and trained specialists is essential.  

The Stock Market is designed to transfer money from the Active to the Patient.”

Warren Buffet

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